Welcome to Culture Matters

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I will not cease from mental fight

Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand

Till we have built Jerusalem

In England's green and pleasant land.

- William Blake


Welcome to Culture Matters, a website about progressive art, culture and politics.

It's been revamped and expanded, to make it easier to use and - hopefully - better looking. 

You’ll find information about us in the About Us section. New and recent material is on this Home page, all the material from the last month or so can be accessed via the Round-Up box (top right), and every piece sent in since our launch a year ago is available under the relevant topic sections in the Arts and Culture Hubs.

We’ve made one or two changes. The Culture Hub is now divided into topics, but some of them need more material – for example education, science and technology, TV, radio and the internet. So we need your help in populating those sections.

Culture Matters is now one year old. The response from academics, artists, critics, poets, and writers, from Britain, Ireland, the United States and Australia, has been tremendous. Especially since everything – articles, poems, images, editorial and technical support – has been contributed freely. It gives us cause to hope that our cultural struggle or ‘mental fight’ can help achieve more of an arts and cultural commons – a new Jerusalem, as William Blake called it, and of course not only in England, but across the world.

Because of your response, we have plans to expand into publishing (ebooks and pamphlets) and into cultural education, particularly in partnership with trade unions. We want to help resist and defend the cultural commons for working people as much as possible, in every sphere of art and culture. To do this we need to be able to cover increased development and production costs, such as printing. So as well as asking you to continue to support us through sending contributions, we also want to ask you to consider making a financial contribution to Culture Matters. To do this, we have placed a Support button on the menu bar.

Thanks again to all writers, readers and artists. We hope you enjoy browsing the new site, and that you find it entertaining, enlightening and inspiring.