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Finding peace through music: Listen To My Song

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Finding peace through music: Listen To My Song

Danny Mitchell introduces his new film set in Colombia, where the peace process is under way and Esteban, a rapper in the Colombian FARC guerrilla movement, dreams of becoming a musician but first he must reconcile himself with his family. 

Synopsis: Esteban escaped poverty in the ghetto when he was thirteen, by running away from home and joining the FARC guerrilla movement in Colombia. With the peace process underway Esteban’s life changes when he performs at a concert for peace, and is spotted by a famous Colombian producer. When he is invited to perform in Bogota, a career as a musician is beginning to look possible. However, he must first make his own peace with his past and reconnect with his family in Cali.

This project has been supported by One World Media, Grasp the Nettle Films and Vixen Films. The film was premiered at the Doc’n Roll music film festival in London in November 2018. Since then it has been shown at film festivals in New York and Mexico. 

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Danny Mitchell

Danny Mitchell is an independent filmmaker from London. He works part-time as a mental health social worker and spends the rest of my time making political, social issue and human interest documentaries.