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Chilcot Report: George Bush laments his dogs

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Chilcot Report: George Bush laments his dogs

George Bush Laments his Dogs
i.m. Barney (30.9.2000 – 1.2.2013), and Miss Beazley (28.10.2004 – 17.5.2014)

I wish I could have been there when the golden statue fell
walking with Barney somewhere in Scotland was always a dream
team is what we were. Yo, Blair. What are you doing?
What they need to do is get Syria, to get Hezbollah to stop doing this shit
on my shoe. I blame Koni. He’s bigger, faster, tougher,
meaner, I mean, what did I mean? O Barney. He never had the operation
Shock and Awe he was so cute, but that little Scottish Terrier could be a
terror. It was a war on terror. Wars on terror are justified.
I will not withdraw even if Laura and Barney are the only ones
supporting me was his only option. Categorically he was no lap
dogs like Barney should be honoured. And Miss Beazley, don’t forget
mission accomplished. Barney’s and Miss Beazley’s bronze
statues in my library remind us of what befell. Yo, Chilcot, do you get
the gist of our conversation? In pursuit of peace: we were dogged.

The George Bush Presidential Library and Museum has a bronze sculpture honouring his two dogs. Koni was Putin’s black Labrador. Some of the lines are from a transcript of Bush's and Blair’s unguarded talk when they didn’t realise the mic was on.

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Lisa Kelly

Lisa Kelly is a freelance journalist. Her pamphlet Bloodhound is published by Hearing Eye and she is a regular host of poetry events at the Torriano Meeting House, London, a meeting place for the arts and the community.