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Sunday, 18 December 2016 11:28

The Sky Wept (November 2016)

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The Sky Wept (November 2016)

The Sky Wept (November 2016)

And if that wasn’t enough
the crows decided to usurp the starlings
to become the bird of the murmuration,
stars of a million YouTube videos
up close you could see they were ragged,
all torn feathers and flea-bitten down,
up close you could see they lacked grace
that it was an effort to stay in place
but from far away the effect was something
a multi-dimensional black cloud forming
non-Euclidean shapes.

Of course we’re all fucked now.
They dispensed with the song,
the jolly chattering, the whistle and chime
they filled up the air with their own cawing
the sky was darkening darkening
the noise, deafening and as it reached
a terrible crescendo they seemed to say
how we have waited for this day.

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rachel coventry

Rachel Coventry lives in Galway. Her poetry has been published widely, and she was selected for the 2014 Poetry Ireland Introductions Series. She is currently writing a PhD on Heidegger’s poetics at The National University of Ireland, Galway.