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Friday, 30 March 2018 19:08

The rich versus the people & Turn the other cheek

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The Rich Man and the Poor Lazarus
The Rich Man and the Poor Lazarus
Hendrik ter Brugghen, 1625

The rich versus the people

by Ira Lightman

Some rich think they cleverly
simmer us sleepy -

cos we'd jump if it got too hot.
The leaders their media got

us try to sell off the NHS.
Mouthpiece and paymaster don't realise

we the oppressed are
brighter than we were;

more schooled, as the norm.
Our grandmas, our grandpas, began the reforms,

and we will get it all back -
at twice what in tax

the short-termists
think they've abolished.

Their militia

hold us back long. The people
surge; will.

Caravaggio Taking of Christ rev

Caravaggio, The taking of Christ, 1602

Turn the other cheek

by Ira Lightman

Jesus was not least
telling the powerful
receiving be merciful
to the slappers oppressed.

Watch the older brother
take the attack
and not hit "back"
the squeaking impatient younger.

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Ira Lightman

Ira Lightman occasionally appears on BBC Radio 3's The Verb and is a professional proofreader and copyeditor who makes public art now and then.