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It's a new morning

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It's a new morning

It’s a new morning

by Marilyn Francis

It’s a new morning
pay attention
to the pig’s head
and its mouthful
of flesh
pay attention
to the workers
in stolen trainers
and nowhere
to run.

It’s a new morning
over fields
over orchards
and broke-back pickers
picking for next-to-nothing
pay attention
to the baby
ripping up books
in his cot.

It’s a new morning
over Gotham City
a distracted bat-bird
smashes into its reflection
on the thirty-third floor
pay attention
to the weather forecast
you think it’s June
it’s fucking January
the trees have fallen.


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Marilyn Francis

Marilyn Francis lives and writes poems in Radstock, which was once a mining town in the Somerset coalfield.

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