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The election: Voices of The Dispossessed

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The election: Voices of The Dispossessed

Voices of The Dispossessed

by Jim Aitken

They robbed us of more than our land,
they took away our innocence
and our way of looking at the world.

They sought to destroy us
by undermining our culture
and extinguishing our memory.

They wish we had never been
so they can say they always were.
And all our poets wrote this down
in all the languages of the world.

They have tormented us, terrorised us
and made us objects of their hate.
They have humiliated us, ridiculed us,
demonised us, blamed us for all
the untold vicissitudes they unleashed.

Our conditions are not of our choosing
and so we deal with whatever it is
that happens. This is what we do.
This is how we live. This is how it is.
This is how we survive and resist
their inhumanity. This is what we do.

We have adjusted to the situation.
No matter how bad it is or becomes
we will go on because we must go on.
Going on is how we resist.

Going on is our mode of being,
it is our only purpose.
In this purpose lies our strength
and that strength is our faith in life.

And because they only value money
not only will they never understand us,
they will never be our equal.

Author's Note

Regarding your call-out: centuries have rolled by and at every turn it is the working classes who have had to pay the price so that a minority may profit from the fruits of their labours. Under capitalism workers must remain divided because their potential, if united, is recognised as a real danger. This is as true today as it was in previous times. If all the voices of the dispossessed can form one choir, then social justice can reign supreme.

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Jim Aitken

Jim Aitken is a poet and dramatist living and working in Edinburgh. He is a tutor in Scottish Cultural Studies with Adult Education and he organises literary walks around the city.