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Deals done

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Deals done

Deals Done

by Sally Flint

The amount the government has to spend on state pensions will fall by £1.5bn by 2022, partly because of over-65s dying of Covid, forecasts suggest. The government will also receive an extra £0.9bn from inheritance tax - 3 March 2021

Boris Johnson’s ‘chumocracy’ is using Covid crisis to sell off health service by stealth, says Sir David King - Guardian, 13 April

The many, they've been shown enough footage
so they'll never want to end life pining
behind a care home window. Now we'll save

on pensions, my government's new schemes
include 'enabling' individuals. For example,
'Nurse relatives at home to help out hospitals'.

I've shown being a carer's a not-for-profit vocation,
look at the ones who kept me breathing for a pittance,
emboldened my ego. And now the funeral industry's cut

throat we've put in place the option of no ceremony,
economy cremations. So, blame scientists, bats, markets,
ignore the financial ones, Dyson ventilators and PPE

not fit for purpose - all nonsense about security & texting.
The next Prime Minister will inherit state-of-the art
wallpaper & vaccination roll outs. I'll soon be earning

an enormous amount from after-dinner speeches.
Of course, I've been getting on with it; selling
our wonderful NHS for profit to benefit the few.

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Sally Flint

Sally Flint lectures in creative writing and co-edits Riptide Journal at the University of Exeter, and is a tutor with The Poetry School.

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