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Planet Earth is Blue

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Planet Earth is Blue

Planet Earth is Blue

by Sally Flint

Maybe after the super-rich witness our world
at a distance they will stop flying high,
want to rectify the part they've played
in a planet's destruction, reconsider 'life-time
ambitions'. Maybe, from the edge of space,
they'll question the green patches left
of a city park, understand why locals fought
for an Amazon warehouse not to be built close
to where families live crammed in temporary

                          A boy stands at a broken window,
watches streetlights go out, grips his inhaler.
Beneath moonlight a breeze teases at a seed-head,
the last thing he sees, a diminished globe,
searching for growth, a safe landing, a new life.

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Sally Flint

Sally Flint lectures in creative writing and co-edits Riptide Journal at the University of Exeter, and is a tutor with The Poetry School.