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Do The Jubelly!

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Do The Jubelly!

Do The Jubelly!

by Mike Jenkins

Curtsy first
Stoop low
Loll your tongue
Doff your cap
Crawl a while
Keep bent
Never stand straight
Nose really close
To your partner’s bum
Sniff sniff
Lick lick
Keep your tongue moving
All the time -
Do the corgi
Roll over and yap
Bare your belly
Wobble it like jelly -
Do the shot deer
Fall over backwards
Hold your heart -
Bow down
Till your face
Hits the ground -
All to the tune
Of ‘Sweet Caroline’.

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Mike Jenkins

Mike Jenkins is an award-winning Welsh poet and author and unofficial poet for Cardiff City FC. His new book of political poetry, Nobody's Subject, is published in Summer 2016.