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ranting righties rap

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ranting righties rap

ranting righties rap

by tom hubbard

god save America
a mer i CA save god
      forty fifth prez
let us now loudly holler
land of the gun and dollar
private wealth      public squalor*
      our bible sez

we’re gonna git away with it

ladies and gennlemen
let us bomb yemen
we’ll fake pious pain
over ukraine
send darkskins to rwanda
our tired propaganda
wins over the gullible
whose iq’s terrible

i think we’ll get away with it

promises on the side of a bus
putinpatel      trumpytruss
we’ll wink at the bobby
get on with the jobby
draw a line and move on
we’re unmoved      won’t be drawn
lefty lawyers and bishops
hate freedom for pishups
peppapig      hiccups

they’ll forget all that shit
we’ll get away with it

we’ll vow to deliver
level up      or whatever
first lord of the cesspit
crony contracts      brexit
we’ll crush those woke rowdies
suck up to the saudis
let the oiks starve and freeze
we’ll announce a new wheeze
we’ll grope    puke    and plunder
let the dying earth wonder

how we got away with it


*‘private opulence and public squalor’ (J.K.Galbraith)

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Tom Hubbard

Tom Hubbard is a novelist, poet, and literary historian.