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Disaster's coming

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Disaster's coming

Disaster's coming

A found poem

I truly, truly believe the foundations
of this country have cracked.

Who is this country actually looking after,
because it doesn't feel as if it's us?

People are desperate in England in 2022.
There's no care.

Where's the care gone from this country?

The words of Ursula Sutcliffe, Bradford shop and café proprietor forced to close because of rising costs and falling revenues, Sky News 30 July, 2022, accompanied an image from Alisdare Hickson from Woolwich, United Kingdom.

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David Betteridge

David Betteridge is the author of a collection of poems celebrating Glasgow and its radical traditions, 'Granny Albyn's Complaint', published by Smokestack Books in 2008. He is also the editor of a compilation of poems, songs, prose memoirs, photographs and cartoons celebrating the 1971-2 UCS work-in on Clydeside. This book, called 'A Rose Loupt Oot', was published by Smokestack Books in 2011.