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In solidarity with the people: Conservative Clerihews

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In solidarity with the people: Conservative Clerihews

Conservative Thinkers: thirty clerihews

by Chris Norris

Thomas Hobbes
So feared violent mobs
That he wrote De Cive
To leave them no leeway.

Edmund Burke
Said revolt couldn’t work –
Told a sanguinary story
So we wouldn’t vote Tory.

Pitt the Elder
Is thought to have held a
Deep grudge toward George III,
Who heartily concurred.

Pitt the Younger
Was a great power-monger,
A description that fits
Son and Dad – it’s the Pitts!’

Benjamin Disraeli
Took time off daily
So that he could scribble
A few lines of Sybil.

Alexis de Tocqueville
Thought the US was Shockville
While lifting his hat
To the word ‘democrat’.

Let’s not say hypocrisy
But a sense of ‘democracy’
Not overly inclined
To keep poor folk in mind.

Otto von Bismarck
Knew how to leave his mark
On German history:
Kick-start it – no mystery!

Still his reputation
As saviour of the nation
Came under strain
When he annexed Alsace-Lorraine.

Thomas Carlyle
Had the hectoring style
To beat Robert de Niro’s
Most swashbuckling heroes.

Lord Acton
Never once slacked on
His big theme: state power
Made free men cower.

Roger Scruton
Wouldn’t sit on a futon –
Said ‘Chesterfield settee
Or nothing for me!’

Leo Strauss
Kept a bawdy-house,
The one rule: that all punters
Be subtext-hunters.

Robert Nozick
Was quite virtuosic
At dating girls late
In his night-watchman state.

Ayn Rand
Was a bit underhand
In ensuring they plugged
Atlas Shrugged.

Irving Kristol
Jumped the starter’s pistol:
In no time he’d gone
From far-left to neo-con.

Friedman, Milton
Said justice was built on
Robin Hood in reverse:
Stuff the rich guy’s purse!

Friedrich von Hayek
Told his followers ‘By heck,
We’ll get them to junk
All that socialist bunk’.

William F. Buckley
Was unarmed, luckily –
Else Vidal-gore
Might have spattered the floor.

T.S. Eliot, poet,
Said ‘Feeling? Don’t show it –
What you happen to feel
Is no big deal’.

Besides, Thomas Stearns
Thought private concerns
Needn’t get their old hook in
Once God got a look-in.

‘If the peanut gallery
Root for Viv, then Valerie
Can use the Cats cash
To settle their hash.’

Thus the blessed T.S.,
Now freed from all stress,
Bade his muse: ‘Now let’s
Write my Four Quartets!’

Anthony Quinton
Looked somewhat asquint on
The least sign or token
Of college-rules broken.

Alasdair MacIntyre
Was a great supplier
Of antique faith-recliners,
Main source: Aquinas.

Hark awhile to John Gray:
He’s some dark things to say,
But don’t listen too hard
Or you’ll be psychically scarred.

Maurice Cowling
Set the liberals howling,
Though Enoch and Co.
Gave his ideas a go.

All the high-table scowling
And dog-whistle Powelling
Went down a treat
With the Peterhouse elite.

Raymond Aron
Steered clear of a bar on
The side of Montmartre
Frequented by Sartre.

Dinesh D’Souza’s
The scourge of all losers,
Hispanic or black:
He’s all right, Jack!

Jacob Rees-Mogg
Got it on with a dog.
It complied, duly heeding
His superior breeding.

Ferdinand Mount
Said ‘On no account
Give my books a bad press
(Signed: Editor, TLS)’.

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