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A bilingual tribute to Queen Camilla

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A bilingual tribute to Queen Camilla

Gabriel Rosenstock's bilingual tribute to Queen Camilla has moved millions of her ardent followers:

Ar chuala tú trácht ar Chamilla
b'í gile na gile í - na gile!
do chruaidh sí gach slat
bhí go dtí sin gan at
cé gur fhéach sí ar nós sean-sinsile

There was a fine queen called Camilla
whose partner was Charles the Gorilla
and every young loner
developed a boner
at the thought of this wizened chinchilla

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Gabriel Rosenstock

Gabriel Rosenstock was born in postcolonial Ireland and is a poet, haikuist, tankaist, translator, playwright, novelist, short story writer and essayist.