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The Capitalist's Guide to Inflation

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The Capitalist's Guide to Inflation

The Capitalist's Guide to Inflation

by Declan Geraghty

in far-off lands
it doesn’t make sense
the made-up inflation
the one that sticks around
like a bad smell
even when the dust settles
for products we consume
products they invented
the ones they brainwashed us with
from your Edward Bernays
reeling us in
then ramping it up
the century of the self
to our century of nothing
but struggle
the tins
they go on forever
on the shelves
of those aisles
it’s our fault they imply
that’s why the they don’t pay tax
looking down
from lofty offices
or lofty heights
talking carbon footprints
inside the comfort
of private jets,
I see multicoloured tins
on the shelves
that I can’t afford
I feel it
in the pocket
the stomach
it’s gone
out of reach
they went too far
so I light a thinly rolled-up fag
and try
to walk it off
the tins
so many multicoloured tins.

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Declan Geraghty

Declan Geraghty is a writer and poet from Dublin, with poetry published in “The Brown Envelope” and “The Cry of the Poor” anthologies.