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Say Goodnight to the Taoiseach

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Say Goodnight to the Taoiseach

Say Goodnight to the Taoiseach

by Declan Geraghty

Varadkar is gone
goodbye Varadkar
we wont miss you
you left us so little
yet took so much
then blamed us because we’re poor
when men in suits
destroyed the country
you blamed the ones
in tracksuits and trainers
drawing the dole
while you drew million euro bonuses
Varadkar is gone
in 2024
not 1984
even though it feels like it
although we can’t talk about that
we can’t criticise you
you downgrade the working class to dogs
but we need to rise up with the fleas
your hate speech cuts us down a little more everyday
a bit like the new law you planned
a hypocrite
you’re not missed one bit
Varadkar is gone
Oh praise the lord
Leo Varadkar is gone.



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Declan Geraghty

Declan Geraghty is a writer and poet from Dublin, with poetry published in “The Brown Envelope” and “The Cry of the Poor” anthologies.