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Sinking in the Rain

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Sinking in the Rain

Forced to work in the rain unnecessarily? Join a union! - TUC

Sinking in the rain

by Stuart McFarlane

I wonder, now, if Rishi
might rue the day, and wish he
had just used an umbrella;
like any normal fella.
It is really rather rich
when your election pitch
is how you will protect the country;
yet, we can all see, there, on TV
how, like one abandoned on the shelf,
you cannot even protect yourself.
You still hope to win Tory votes
by promising to 'stop the boats'
and all the customary flannel;
yet look like you just swam the channel.
You wish to project inner strength
and you will go to any length
to preserve what still remains;
so your pleading voice proclaims,
'See, I am honest. I play by the book.'
Yet, as the Heavens open up, you look,
for all your efforts to control the game,
just like a lost puppy dog in the rain.

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Stuart McFarlane

Stuart McFarlane taught English for many years to asylum seekers in London. He has had poems published in a few online journals.