Simon Williams

Simon Williams

Simon Williams lives near Dartmoor and runs poetry and creative writing workshops and classes, including in schools, colleges and prisons. For over 10 years he has also run a monthly open mic session for poets, singers, musicians and storytellers.

The First Art Critic
Thursday, 17 March 2016 16:42

The First Art Critic

Published in Poetry

The First Art Critic


I put the sticks in this progression

so they mimic the thorn holes

that let the day come through at night.


Their relative sizes show

the order in our tribe: elders,

hunters, those who make homes.


The fact I’ve stripped the bark

shows the hardships we suffer

in the ice, how few prey are.


The shapes make me feel cold, stabbed,

but show defiance, how we fight the storms,

rebuild our fires, search for summer.


Tuk says

they look like little swans.