Ness Owen

Ness Owen

Ness Owen is a Welsh poet, playwright and storyteller who teaches at a FE college. Her poems have appeared in various anthologies and journals.

Thursday, 09 February 2017 22:10


Published in Poetry



by Ness Owen


They wanted us broken

stranded away from our-

selves and each other rifts

deepening between us

drip fed fear, anger, hate

It’s always someone else’s fault

they wanted silence no-one

to question why difference is

a problem, a worry, a threat

silence won't shape our future

end hate-driven discontent

watch us gathering, hear

the tread of our feet like

others before us marching

for what we know is right

our voices not alone but

amplified louder than

the ballot-box, join us

march where you’re standing

they can’t ignore us all.