Paul Summers

Paul Summers

Paul Summers is a Northumbrian poet, performer and literary activist.

National Poetry Day: Re-union
Thursday, 03 October 2019 08:47

National Poetry Day: Re-union

Published in Poetry

re-union / night at the museum
(the wallaw, blyth.)

by Paul Summers
with images by Chris Killip

'spoons' is stowed;
its crowded bar
a wedge of thirst,
an eager slick
of growing agitation,
blunt confluence
of unhealed wounds,
a tumour of attrition,
a smudged tattoo
whose tattered edges
relish in contagion.
we worship at the altar
of the cut-price crowd,
this sepulchre
of misplaced faith,
a reliquary of losses
& every empty victory,
of stagnant empire's
tattered standards,
of struggle & toil,
of all our dead parents
& awkward divorces ,
of capped shafts
& yards left idle,
of empty shops
& factories grown quiet
of rotting staithes,
of thrift & forgetting
of youth & truth,
of every scant memorial.
in the trauma
of century's neglect.
we meet to remember.
the absurd theatre
of our former selves,
a wake for our imagined pasts.
we drink it all in,
raise toasts to the absent
& to all our frail futures,
whose faces have grown grey
through scarcity of care
here, where empties
form a barricade
across the bar;
bleak jager-bombs
explode like hope
above our heads;
each sickly shot
a warning from history.
we cultivate our spite,
our rhetoric primed,
cementing our dogmas
in monoliths of settled dust.
here, within this cube
of flickering walls
we learned our fear
of sharks & war,
our love of love,
the warmth of kisses,
curled like cats,
in dark back rows,
beneath an arrowhead
of magic light.

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Saturday, 13 July 2019 17:15


Published in Poetry

arise! is a poem by Paul Summers, published to celebrate the rich history and traditions of the Durham Miners’ Gala and the resurgent spirit of socialism in the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn. We want to make a film of the poem for the labour movement, and we need to raise a minimum of £1500 to make it.

It's wonderful to see the proud history of the Durham Miners' Gala represented in this powerful poem. Paul Summers has managed to capture the spirit of the Miners' Gala and its central place in our movement's mission to achieve 'victory for the many, and not the few' 

- Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party.

The film-poem of arise! will celebrate the rich history of miners and the Durham Miners' Gala, the collective spirit of the working class which lies at the heart of trade union history and which is vital to the future of the labour movement and the next Labour government. Reflection is an essential ingredient in learning (and teaching): arise! is, among its many other attributes, a belting education resource.

- Jim Mowatt, Director of Education, Unite the Union.

Combining film with poetry can be a powerful way of sparking an audience's imagination. I hope it will have a broad appeal, to the audience we need to persuade to ensure a Labour victory in the next general election. I support this exciting project from Culture Matters.

- Ken Loach, film director.

If you wish to make a donation, go here.