CSM Art Degree Show 2018

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Show One: Art Degree Show 2018, 23 May - 27 May 2018

Opening times:

Wednesday to Friday: 12-8pm
Saturday to Sunday: 12-5pm.

Location: Central Saint Martins, 1 Granary Square, King's Cross, N1C 4AA. The show is free and open to the public, no need to book.

A Perfect Vacuum Empty Cell resized

A Perfect Vacuum (Empty Cell) by Alix Emery

Charles hoover and James hoover joined together with a Henry Hoover Flexible Hose Tube Pipe Hetty NVR200 Vacuum Cleaner Spare Part, cleaned rectangle
200 x 200 x 30cm

A Perfect Vacuum (Empty Cell) is a cleaned rectangle of the floor within a larger messy section of the floor site specific to the painting studios for the degree show. The negative space is equal dimensions to the standard size of a prison cell, continuing the research into abstract painting as a confinement.

A Fully Funded Pipedream 2

A Fully Funded Pipedream by Alix Emery

Bick slips, mortar, 4 used waste pipes, 4 elbows, 2 wall clips, 4 screws, written word, funnel, duct tape, saucepan without lid, hotplate, extension lead, white farmhouse loaf, broken brick slip
241 x 300 x 71cm

This is a nonsensical structure, where the steam from A Fully Funded Pipedream very slowly acts to dissolve the mortar in the brick wall, thus liberating the audience from its confines. This was inspired by a prison break method of dousing a brick wall in water and then soaking the moisture up with bread and reapplying the water repeatedly to the wall.

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Alix Emery

Alix Emery is an artist and illustrator based in London. She studied at Central Saint Martins, UAL.