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The Bread and Roses Songwriting and Spoken Word Award 2020

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The Bread and Roses Songwriting and Spoken Word Award 2020

The Communication Workers’ Union (CWU) and Culture Matters are pleased to announce the third edition of their successful Bread & Roses Songwriting and Spoken Word Award. The Musicians’ Union is also supporting and sponsoring this award.

The Award is now open for submissions.  It is a practical example of cultural democracy, with the aim of encouraging musicians and performers to write material meaningful to working-class people and communities, and to encourage those communities to practice their creativity and take control of cultural production. This year’s Award will focus on five themes: Climate Emergency, Our Culture, More Than Profit, Workers’ Lives and Global Solidarity.

Entry is free and there is a £100 cash prize for each of the top five entries. For the full set of rules and guidelines on submission, see the article in the Music section. 

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Mollie Brown

Mollie Brown is an activist, student and mother, and an Associate Editor of Culture Matters.