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An Unfortunate Case

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An Unfortunate Case

An Unfortunate Case

by Chris Norris

Portugal’s president has described the circumstances in which a homeless Portuguese man died near the UK parliament as ‘inhumane’. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa paid tribute to the unnamed man found dead in an underpass near Westminster tube station, a stone’s throw from an entrance to the Houses of Parliament. In a statement on the official website of the president of the Portuguese republic, de Sousa said he ‘laments the death in inhumane circumstances of our fellow countryman of 35 years, who was found without life in one of the metro entries in the British capital’.

- The Guardian, 16th February, 2018 

The Jesus note: not one that I
Play up but there's that line
Of his that goes
'Look on me, all ye who pass by:
Was ever grief like mine?'
Bit lachrymose,
You'll say, and on the whole I try
To give no outward sign
Of inner woes,
Though times there are when I could die
And none would grieve or pine
Excepting those
Who paused awhile to wonder why
The tourist crowds confine
Their passing shows
Of interest to Big Ben on high
Or to the sty of swine
Our nation knows
As Parliament. Great place for my
Campaign to take the shine
Off its fake pose
As friend of every little guy,
That time-dishonoured shrine
To freedom's foes.

There's lots of MPs walk my way,
The Tories nose-in-air
Or keen to show
They'd have me thrown in gaol today
If it was left to their
Best judgment (know
Them by their rotten fruits, I say),
And 'socialists' who'll spare
Small change then go
On endlessly about how they,
The old guard, did their share
To overthrow
Class-prejudice or some cliché
Stamped 'vintage Tony Blair',
And then – although
An off-note in that cabaret –
Real socialists who'll dare
To halt the flow
Of tourist-trade and disobey
The bylaws with a rare
And powerful show
Of outrage fitted to convey
'Blame that lot over there,
Just a stone's throw'.

The Mail and Sun delight to call
Them 'Corbynistas', these
New types who seem
A breed that’s worlds apart from all
The self-styled 'left' MPs
Whose only dream
Is getting on, or playing ball,
Or trying hard to please
Whatever team
Of crass time-servers have the gall
To pull their usual wheeze
And switch mid-stream
To business-class. It's a long haul
For anyone who sees
How the regime
Of capital has us in thrall,
Yet those who hold the keys
Lack any scheme
To buck the future or forestall
A turning tide that frees
The distant gleam
Of hopes renewed at every fall
Of fortunes built on sleaze –
The Levellers' theme!

Myself, I'll just hang on here till
The next election (must
Come soon enough!)
And then let's hope the people's will
Revolts in sheer disgust
At folk who stuff
Their pockets, gourmandise their fill,
And think it fair and just
That we sleep rough,
Us whom the cold nights sometimes kill,
Yet who retain their trust,
When times are tough,
That in the long death-dealing chill
Of Tory rule we've sussed
An age-old bluff
And figured how the plebs might still
Find the right ass to bust,
Vow not to fluff
It yet again, but bend our skill
Against those upper-crust
Class-laws we’ll slough
Off like each parliamentary bill
Now set to bite the dust
At our rebuff.

That’s why the Corbynistas link
My situation here,
Begging for bread
And living always on the brink
Of the deep freeze I fear
Lies just ahead,
To Tory policies that sync
A code-word like 'austere'
With plans to shed
All care for those our masters think
Beyond the civic sphere,
Hence good as dead
Already. This new lot won't shrink
From setting out to clear
The Augean shed
Despite the daily growing stink
Of many a privateer
Caught short instead
Of mixing it with Graft Corp Inc,
Advancing their career,
And helping spread
The moral rot at which we wink
Till, of a sudden, we're
Unhoused, unfed.

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Chris Norris

Christopher Norris is Distinguished Research Professor in Philosophy at the University of Cardiff. He is the author of more than thirty books on aspects of philosophy, politics, literature, the history of ideas, and music.