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Guerrilla Gardening

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Guerrilla Gardening

Guerrilla Gardening

by Marilyn Francis

It’s gardening day in Parliament Square
Critical Mass and the WOMBLES are there
planting a shrubbery of grass and weed.
In the People's garden at Parliament Square.

In the Worker's garden at Parliament Square
the ghosts of the Diggers and Winstanley are there
silently cheering the proletarian cause.
It’s gardening day in Parliament Square. 

Jack-the-lad, nimble Jack
blazing from a thicket of green fire
scales the monument
bloodied with paint
fast as a flame
quick as a flash
the dead statesman
in a stylish Mohican
of turf.

It’s gardening day in Parliament Square
red flags and banners are blossoming there
the red and the green in sweet harmony
in the People’s garden at Parliament Square

In the Worker’s garden at Parliament Square
Jack-in-the-green is burning there
a May Day pyre to welcome the spring.
It’s gardening day in Parliament Square


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Marilyn Francis

Marilyn Francis lives and writes poems in Radstock, which was once a mining town in the Somerset coalfield.

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