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The Last Hurrah

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The Last Hurrah

The Last Hurrah

by Hamish Wilson

In thanks, we gave our NHS a clap,
banged saucepans, hooted, whistled, strummed and sang,
gave glad hands for heroes, joyful urban rap
with wartime spirit - UK’s Crazy Gang.

Next Thursday, we give it up for silence,
as other hands go on, will never stop,
working to the different pulse of patience.
But now maps lead to normal, hands are dropped.

What if the Thursday clap went on and on?
And every week we made noise for care staff,
in rage and protest, sang a different song
to improve the nation’s cardiograph,

to give care workers’ hearts a greater lift,
hike up their pay and end the twelve hour shifts?

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Hamish Wilson

Hamish runs The Garsdale Retreat, a residential creative writing centre in Cumbria, and is a regular open mic performer.