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No Money in the Bank

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No Money in the Bank

No Money in the Bank

by Samantha Mansi

No money in the bank.
But how will we pay our bills?

No money.
The computer algorithm
messed up again.

Why won't it let us be?
They all sigh, they say
Why can't you get a job?
I'm doing my childminding
course. I'm moving. I'll apply
for care.
I have cats to feed

No money in the bank.
How will I pay for my car
insurance and tax?
How will we live another month?
Two rents to pay,
No help from the government.
They say call a helpline
They don't care.

We will have to visit the food bank again.
It's so embarrassing -
But we have no choice
If we want to survive.
We have no money in the bank.

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Samantha Mansi

Samantha Mansi is a poet and currently writing her first book. She does open mic poetry in Swansea and is studying for her Masters degree in creative writing at the Open University. She enjoys going to open mics and expressing herself through poetry.