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the power to

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the power to

the power to

by Antoniy T. Georgiev

The sight of the lone delivery guy
With his duct-taped scooter
And his overused, single use surgical face mask
Still trying to deliver his order
Amidst the unfolding apocalypse
Still trying to satisfy
His merciless algorithm master
Was as ridiculous as a
looney tunes cartoon
only without the humour
So total was his enslavement
Not even the end of the world
Could shake his slumber

If only he knew
that inside the palm of his hand
was hidden all the power
All the power to change
All the power to fight back
All the power to shoot out
of the sky
their phony billionaire rockets
as they attempted to escape the hell
that they created

All the power needed
to hold the very ground together
and not let it break asunder
All the power needed
to reclaim this time
to take back the clock
and steer it away from disaster
All the power needed
to change the very course of history

if only he knew that he had that power
as did all his fellow brothers and sisters
if only they knew, they had all that power

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Antoniy T. Georgiev

Antoniy T. Georgiev holds an MA in Contemporary History and Politics from Birkbeck, University of London. Currently he teaches English at an English Academy in China, and writes poetry and fiction.

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