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A Jolly Good Show

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A Jolly Good Show

A Jolly Good Show

by Steven Taylor

The British response is a note in English
Pinned to a door in Calais explaining to Ukrainians
That they need to go to Paris or Brussels
For the necessary forms to be completed before
Forward travel can be considered. We have
Oligarchs to think about. Our entire system
Relies on laundering their dirty money, allowing
Gangsters to own property and make donations
To the Conservative Party. Some of them bid
In auctions to play tennis with our Prime Minister
Boris Johnson, you may have heard of him. He
Cares deeply about Ukrainians. When you arrive
In Paris or Brussels, mention him. Perhaps
It would be better for everyone if you tried
To make a go of things in Belgium. Walloon
Sounds a little bit Ukrainian if mumbled blithely.

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Steven Taylor

Steven Taylor lives in London. His poems have appeared in a range of publications and he was one of the winners of this year's Culture Matters Bread and Roses Competition.

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