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Whit Pelé said tae Ali

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Whit Pelé said tae Ali

Whit Pelé said tae Ali

by Jim Aitken

Ach, big man, Ah’m fair chuffed
tae see ye so Ah am. Ah’ve luved
the wey ye deal wi the mediya an
tak the piss oot ay them aw, an the
wey ye mak aw us black folk feel
aboot oorsels. Ye’ve chainged the gemm
for us wi yer patter an yer cairryin oan.
Ah jist luve it so Ah dae. An ye get awey
wi it cos ye have talent an the rerr style
thit abody envies, ay an yer niver flustert.
Ah couldnae dae thon but whit we hae
in common is bein sae guid at whit we dae.
But get this, big man, yer ainly the greatest
wi the mitts oan , Ah’m the greatest wi the togs.

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Jim Aitken

Jim Aitken is a poet and dramatist living and working in Edinburgh. He is a tutor in Scottish Cultural Studies with Adult Education and he organises literary walks around the city.