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May Day poem: That's A Moron

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May Day poem: That's A Moron

That's A Moron (after Harry Warren & Jack Brooks)

by Martin Rowson

When he peddles his views each night on GB News
That's a moron
When he rants without fail every day in The Mail
That's a moron
Then he flogs to Spectator Blogs 80 words on "wogs"
And other shit colonic
And they pay, hip-hip-hip-hooray, but it's not ok
For the prick's still moronic

When he's spewing more shit on the joys of Brexit
That's a moron
Sharing his golden sewer with Julia Hartley-Brewer
Though she's worse
This chippy barbarian will claim he's contrarian and bore on
Though through cracks, when he's lax, see him full anti-vax
And a moron!

As his hedgey backers steal he's still clicking his heels
He's a moron!
And his professorial chair hasn't made him aware
He's a moron
To provoke he will call us woke, say it's just a joke
Even one that's bluntish
On the make, have and eat his cake, call us all snowflakes
Comprehensively cuntish

When he talks through his arse of the White Working Class
That's a moron!
Never being so rash as to come on full fascist,
But close.
As this avaricious don's embracing Q-Anon, watch him whore on,
Smiling face, lordly lace, if it pays he's a racist
A moron!
A moron! That's a moron.

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Martin Rowson

Martin Rowson is a multi-award-winning cartoonist, writer and broadcaster. Photo: Fred Rowson.