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Coronation Poem: Man On Chair Clicks Open Pen

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Coronation Poem: Man On Chair Clicks Open Pen

Man On Chair Clicks Open Pen

by Martin Hayes

it's not the King
being wheeled along in his inglorious refinery
down the Mall

it's not the tax dodging
selling Duchy of Cornwall to Waitrose
on the back of inheritance and land grab
with nothing offered to the Chancellor
as he takes the percents each month
from our hard earned pounds

it's not the castles and the palaces
the soft boiled eggs
brought to him every morning
by a butler in grey tails
only to later hear
about his suffering

it's not even the Crown Jewels
stolen from another country
or the passive aggressive use of the media
to awaken us
to their ilk's pain

it's not any of that -
these things will always happen
in an on-going class war

it's the poet
raised from working-class stock
who hit it with Kid
now using a fictitious woman
travelling down from the North
to try and convince us
to celebrate it

that's what it is for me
that's what's got me today

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Martin Hayes

Martin Hayes has worked in the courier industry for 30 years. His latest collection is The Things Our Hands Once Stood For, published by Culture Matters.