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by Steven Taylor                                                                                                           

The undersea community have been traumatised by the implosion
of the submersible that had been sightseeing the Titanic, the clownfish
in particular, who have a reciprocal relationship with sea anemones
who offer protection in exchange for cleaning services. The clownfish
have developed immunity to the toxic discharge of the sea anemones
which gives them shelter from their predators. A place to lay their eggs
in relative safety. The absence of women on board the Titan submersible
begs the question of who was responsible. Not just for hoovering floors
and mopping, but the washing up and dusting. Making beds. It wasn’t
clownfish (that’s for certain). There’ll need to be an inquiry, questions
asked and answered. Evidence of negligence and charges brought (where
appropriate). The dangers inherent in political correctness, feminism.

According to the media, migrants are already co-opting the agenda.

We must protect our borders against incursion. There is no comparison
to be made between billionaires and refugees, stop muddying the water.

When you look out of the porthole at the shipwreck, you’re a hero.

Image above: RAF plane takes off from Lossiemouth to help rescue 5 people in the Titan submersible, June 2023

Image below: Iraqi and Syrian refugees trying to reach land, August 2022

20151030 Syrians and Iraq refugees arrive at Skala Sykamias Lesvos Greece 2 1 rev

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Steven Taylor

Steven Taylor lives in London. His poems have appeared in a range of publications and he was one of the winners of this year's Culture Matters Bread and Roses Competition.

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