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Stop the Boats!

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Stop the Boats!

Stop The Boats!

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Stop the millions spent on hotels!
Stop the life of luxury while we are stuck in poverty.
Stop the boats!
Send them back to hell.

Stop the boats,
the small boats, little dinghies of despair.
Stop the race away from war, stop the people seeking peace,
stop the human need for safety, water, food and money
and a house that doesn't fall around your ears.

Stop the Mayflower, the Anne, the Victory, Endeavour,
stop the Erebus, Bounty and Endurance.
Stop the Little James, the Challenger, Discovery,
stop HMS Adventure.
Stop the Terror.

Stop Columbus, stop Magellan, Marco Polo, stop de Gama,
stop Cook and Cabot, stop Drake, de Balboa.
Stop Hudson and Cortez, Livingstone and Raleigh.
Stop Amundsen and Shackleton,
the Manifest Destiny.

Stop boats of exploration,
stop your circumnavigation,
stop the Commonwealth, Empire,
stop the ill-concealed murder.
Stop ‘discovery’, stealing, stop the history books revealing
any truth about fleeing persecution.

Stop the pilgrims, stop the immigrants,
the ‘heroes’ and the ‘villains’,
stop a nation from creating the distinction.

Stop the boats,
the small boats, little dinghies of despair
or stop the doublespeak encouraging division?


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Laura Taylor

Laura Taylor has been writing and performing poetry for over 10 years. She has 3 books published by Flapjack Press, and can be found on Facebook here.

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