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Sorry We Missed You

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Sorry We Missed You

Sorry We Missed You

by Ben Banyard

Get to the depot at stupid o'clock
to load Internet impulse purchases
into a hired van using a rented handheld.
It shows you the route, simple, they said,
park wherever with your hazards on,
jump out and hand it over, no worries.

But new guys get the tower blocks
where the lifts are out of order
or front yards where dogs snarl.

Got to beat the targets, every package
ticks like an unexploded bomb -
best advice I got was to bring
an empty Lenor bottle to piss in.

By the end of the day you'll be knackered;
good luck getting some sleep.

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Ben Banyard

Ben Banyard lives in Portishead, on the North Somerset coast. His three collections to date are Communing (Indigo Dreams, 2016), We Are All Lucky (Indigo Dreams, 2018) and Hi-Viz (Yaffle Press, 2021). Ben edits Black Nore Review and blogs here.