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by Anne Irwin

If the undead populated the world
would there be no poetry
no blue stream binding words
no soft flow of dreams

Would words be hollow
unable to capture the twist and turns
of experience.
Would words only justify intent.

Could the undead commandeer
human land and homes
could they justify by saying
we’re fighting human animals
let’s see how they survive
without fuel, electricity or food.
they’ll get what they deserve.

if the undead bombed human cities
watched the buildings crumble
mothers and babies crying in the rubble,
famine spreading
and then called it self defense
would we as humans accept their story?

That is not what it is to be human.
Would we not reach deep into the cauldron
of our experience
and haul those words from the underworld to the surface
because our hearts revolts against the corruption of words

Our heart seeks truth in words.

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Anne Irwin

Anne Irwin lives in Galway, Ireland. Her poems have appeared in many literary journals including Poetry Ireland Review, A New Ulster, ROPEs, Skylight 47, Poetry Bus, and Irish Left Review.

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