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A Gaza Hunt

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A Gaza Hunt

A Gaza Hunt
(after: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, by Michael Rosen)

by Ruth Aylett

We’re going on a food hunt
let’s hope we find some
I’m not scared
I’m a little bit scared
Uh oh
there’s a collapsed building
can’t go over it
can’t go through it
oh no we’ve got to
find another way
uh oh the bomb
misses us
uh oh the sniper bullet
misses us

We’re going on a father hunt
Let’s hope we find the right one
Uh oh there are bodies in the way
uh oh don’t look don’t look
can’t go over him, can’t go under him
oh no we’ve got to bury him.

Let’s go on a body parts hunt.
let’s hope we can collect them.
uh oh no bags
oh no we’ll have to make some
from our T-shirts

You can’t go under this
You can’t go over this

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Ruth Aylett

Ruth Aylett lives and works in Edinburgh and has been a political and trade union activist since her teens.

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