Mick O Sullivan

Mick O Sullivan

Mick is a writer and editor, based in Durham.

Run on the food bank
Tuesday, 15 September 2020 12:17

Run on the food bank

Published in Poetry

Run on the food bank

by Mick O'Sullivan

 Unwanted crumbs are swept here,
for today’s bumper giveaway.

Proud feathers ruffle 'midst flap and kerfuffle.
Heads turn sharp, nervously taut,
unblinking eyes flash then stare.
Any grub is grabbed eagerly, greedily;
constantly they struggle to live - or die.

Edgily restive, unwilling to linger,
dumbly clutching their bounty and bruises,
they dance away from prying glances.

Others steal their shameface into place,
desperately they jostle for better purchase;
lives depend on the depths of their demeanour.

This cornucopia cannot last,
and courtesy has cut and run.
Patience is sidelined,
even the timid have elbowed in;
fast food has to find empty bellies today.

Unwanted crumbs are swept here -
again tomorrow?