Michelle Diaz

Michelle Diaz

Michelle Diaz has been published by 14 Magazine, Poetry Wales and numerous other journals, both online and in print. Her debut pamphlet 'The Dancing Boy' was published in 2019 by Against the Grain Poetry Press.

Sinéad Means ‘God is Gracious’
Wednesday, 09 August 2023 09:07

Sinéad Means ‘God is Gracious’

Published in Poetry

 Sinéad Means ‘God is Gracious’

by Michelle Diaz

She walked this earth
with a tempest in her chest.

Her scars threw shadows
across the mornings.
Her days were indigo nights.

Now, she’s riding the high tides.
Scaling the tunnel of light.
Poised at the mouth of rebirth –

I feel her rising. Hand in hand
with her guardian angel.

A charge of healing lightning
coursing through her.

She turned her back
on the aching family

She slipped off her bloody
Holy Communion dress,

removed her bruised womb.
Oh Jesus. The shame.

I hope she knows now,
that her heart was always a shrine.

God, if You are gracious,
(And I’m sure that you are),
lift her into your cerulean skies.

What she needs now is sleep.
And a soothing orchestra
of whisky-warm lullabies.