Alan McCormick

Alan McCormick

Alan McCormick lives in Wicklow. His recent writing is in The Lonely Crowd, Banshee, The Stinging Fly, Southword, Sonder and Exacting Clam.

Shared anger
Saturday, 24 February 2024 15:45

Shared anger

Published in Poetry

Shared Anger

by Alan McCormick

ice through their veins,
a slab holding form,
despite the friction,
the heat from outside,

ruling with fists,
starving with favours,
silencing the herd,
who die to speak,

bloodletting on tap,
hearts drip dried,
dissing the truth,
with viral overloads,

too much screen time,
ranting scream time,
your touch that held,
now fallen aside,

time to reach out,
strike a match,
risk immolation,
for a kiss, touch,

to line the kerbs,
break down barricades,
disarm the neighbour,
who carries the flag,

anger is my fire,
and if you hold it,
I hold you too,
and the fire catches.