Alexis Lykiard

Alexis Lykiard

Alexis Lykiard was born in Athens. His books include 9 novels, translations from French, 2 memoirs of Jean Rhys, and numerous poetry collections – most recently Schooled For Life (Shoestring 2016). His website is www.

Labouring the point - a colonial question
Thursday, 22 July 2021 08:43

Labouring the point - a colonial question

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Labouring the point - a colonial question

by Alexis Lykiard

The endless, questionable anti-Semitism fuss
Is media-stoked to fool the credulous and hoodwink us –
All those presuming to deplore, or even criticise,
The fact that stolen acres are annexed by Israel.

Much of the so-called Promised Land’s a living hell
For its original inhabitants the Palestinian folk,
A peaceful people, whom the Zionists coerced to dwell
Under their military rule, apartheid yoke.

The dispossessed and brutalised – here’s irony! – are forced
Through daily cruelty to heed that distant Holocaust
For which they’re blameless; elsewhere Gentiles must apologise
Sheepishly for European history, ad infinitum.

Politicians, flush with cash, close ranks to sneer and fight them –
Dissenters, any conscience-driven humans who resist
The shrillest imprecations of the Zionist.
And yet what Palestinian would accept this unjust fate,
Repressive occupation by a racist State?

Thursday, 02 June 2016 09:03

Ballad of Credulity: a Brechtian poem

Published in Poetry

Ballad of Credulity

Women and priests in full-length skirts
are deemed less likely to be flirts.
Thus clad, the specious theory goes,
they stay immune to fleshly shows.

Religion is an outworn con,
burqa and hijab must be gone!
Mosque and synagogue, shrine or church,
their leaders leave us in the lurch.

True cynosures deserve respect,
yet tyrants - dirty trick - connect
man’s control with God’s Own Law,
and make the State a holy whore.

Bigot, devout fool or peasant,
sing your cross or chant your crescent;
choose to wail at a saintly wall –
irrational superstitions, all.

Humans who quaintly bow and scrape,
so far superior to the ape,
are creatures wrongly reared from birth
and taught to pray, rape Mother Earth.

This is an amended version of a poem published in Unholy Empires, 2008.