Kevin N Jelf

Kevin N Jelf

Kevin N Jelf is 54 and works preparing parts for painting in the aerospace industry. He has
previously been published in The Cannon's Mouth Quarterly, Here Comes Everyone and The Angry Manifesto.

The War Abroad
Tuesday, 04 December 2018 18:56

Trump's Creed

Published in Poetry

Trump's Creed or The Neoliberal Agenda

by Kevin N. Jelf

They want us all
to live in fear!
Fear of unemployment,
fear of poverty,
fear of the foriegner,
the migrant and the refugee;
especially if they are Muslim.

They paint them all
as terrorists.
They want us to be so scared
we'll happily give up
cherished freedoms
in exchange for the protection
offered by the ruling class.
They ferment sectarian divisions;
dividing in order to rule.
They believe in building walls
not bridges.
They believe in the necessity
of perpetual war
to secure the supply lines
and the resources
of other nations,
ensuring no one nation rises
to threaten the dominance
of their neo-liberal alliance.

From the Middle East
to the Pacific Rim,
Iran, China the North Koreans
they are all “on notice”
that their citizens too
can be added to the
one and a half billion souls
affected by the imperialist's wars.
Progressive movements are
supressed and silenced,
confidence in past gains
is eroded.

The viability of all
pro-people policies
is trashed.
Nothing is allowed
to get in the way
of maximising profit
for the one percent,
as the chasm widens further,
between the rich and poor.
Some have called this
the shrouding of dreams and hopes.
I believe that all this
fear, eroding and shrouding
can only create an environment
where Fascism can flourish.