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Chad Norman

Chad Norman's poems have appeared for the past 35 years in literary publications around the world.

Messiah for the Misled: to Trump
Saturday, 23 February 2019 22:16

Messiah for the Misled: to Trump

Published in Poetry

Messiah for the Misled*
to Trump

by Chad Norman

For some mysterious and freaky reason
today I feel the need to forgive America,
not the nation you mislead and disgust,
and not the whole country you lied to
but a need coursing through me
because I am a Canadian and you
took something very wrong upon yourself
to try a lie about my homeland
on the world ready to agree one bullet
would solve so much, just the one
finger on the one trigger--you know
how much you adore your precious NRA-
a gun in the hand is worth two in your eyes.

No one has your bible fully read,
many have heard the lame preaching,
your attempts to be both Jesus and Judas;
today I feel the need to slap or slay you,
what the world is stalled by,
or eager to uphold for Stupidity,
hasn't come round due to the presidency
the greed of Corporate Earth gave you.

Or has it come round each time you tweet
obey the lure of a social media you don't own,
nothing more than a lonely man at a keyboard
trying to make desperation sound like guidance,
trying to unbury yourself, a committed fool
dancing beneath the strings you can't feel
allowing each and every move you make,
yes, dancing, to the pull of the CEOs with
their pants full due to the laughter you provide,
all the time believing the media is your baby.

As I said I am a Canadian, so the comedy you
offer has become irresistible, another show
to tune into if I choose to enjoy the reality of
what a century must endure, what a planet
is able to withstand, but mainly, what a man
who considers himself sane, a man who is the
man I live within, goes on watching you topple
yourself each time that hole in your head
somehow manages to open to say something,
pretty much anything related to utter decline.

And to end this I must point a straight finger
at you to say how dare you prevent any peoples
from being in charge of their own lives
and deciding to choose America for a new home,
perhaps you need to turn your empty head
northwards in order to watch a real leader,
one who knows the value of opening the nation
he leads, not building a wall or anything as nuts
as the plan you came up with, but a simple show
of how easy it is to actually be a helpful human.

*in memory of Osip Mandlestam