Andrew Greenhalgh

Andrew Greenhalgh

The Divine Image by William Blake
Friday, 05 May 2023 08:15

Coronation Poem: I Pledge My Allegiance

Published in Poetry

I Pledge My Allegiance

by Andrew Greenhalgh

I pledge my allegiance
To the source from whence I came
To the one divine creator
To that which has no name
To the power in and of me,
That rules all I touch and see
It never has to prove itself
Because I know it cares for me.

I pledge my allegiance
Not to a gilded throne,
Or to crowns and jewels historic,
Or to ceremonial stone
But to souls of pure intention
To those born of the light
And, standing at my side, unhindered
Still fight for what is right.

I pledge my allegiance
To those who guide my hand
Unseen but ever-present
They are the rulers of this land
This land and every other
The planets, moons and stars
Who guide the fates of mortal kings
Who heal my wounds and scars
Who protect me from the darkness,
And light the path ahead
Who reward me with experience,
And will raise me from the dead
I pledge my allegiance
To the one true consciousness
The one you've all forgotten
The one who loves me best.

I pledge my allegiance
With every earthly breath
To the cradle of creation
My home, come mortal death
Immortal I become then
And I will join with thee
And next you pledge allegiance
That pledge you'll make to me.