1917 Centenary

1917 Centenary

“There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.”

Vladimir Lenin

Sergei Prokofiev, Dmitri Shostakovich and Aram Khachaturian
Monday, 11 December 2017 13:53

A wave of creativity: music and the Russian Revolution

Written by Sabby Sagall
Sabby Sagall describes the wave of creativity unleashed by the Russian Revolution, altering the course of twentieth century classical music. The carnage and brutality of World War One had punctured the balloon of late nineteeth-century optimism and established that the industrial and scientific progress of capitalism had not led to…
The Bolsheviks and alcohol: policy and practice
K2_PUBLISHED_ON Sunday, 10 December 2017 21:57

The Bolsheviks and alcohol: policy and practice

Written by Keith Flett
Keith Flett offers a brief survey of Bolshevik policy and practice towards alcohol consumption. Drink and the left has been an issue since the labour movement was born or made in the 1820s and 1830s. The left, trade unions and political groups often met in pubs for want of other venues,…
What’s Left? A Century in Revolution
K2_PUBLISHED_ON Wednesday, 29 November 2017 10:07

What’s Left? A Century in Revolution

Written by Andy Byford et al
What’s Left? A Century in Revolution By Andy Byford, Anoush Ehteshami, Abir Hamdar, Francisco-J. Hernández Adrián & Dušan Radunović Between 29 September and 8 October 2017, Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle and Durham University staged a special programme of screenings and talks to mark the centenary of the 1917 October Revolution.…
Books Please! The Russian Revolution, Arts and Culture
K2_PUBLISHED_ON Sunday, 12 November 2017 20:00

Books Please! The Russian Revolution, Arts and Culture

Written by Mike Quille
Mike Quille outlines some of the ways the Russian Revolution has influenced art and culture across the world in the last 100 years. The Bolshevik Revolution in October 1917 was the world’s first attempt to create a socialist society. It was based on the active support of the majority of the…
The Art of Revolution
K2_PUBLISHED_ON Sunday, 12 November 2017 19:12

The Art of Revolution

Written by Jenny Farrell
Jenny Farrell celebrates the democratising power of Revolutionary art. With the Russian Revolution of 1917, the dispossessed took control over their destiny, for the first time in history. How did artists respond to this liberation? Artists from all artistic movements worked with Soviet power. The revolution offered the state and…
Flight and Fall
Friday, 03 November 2017 18:17

Flight and Fall

Written by David Betteridge
David Betteridge has written a commemorative work of prose and poetry especially for this Russian Revolution section of Culture Matters. An extract from the poetry is given in ebook format here, along with some illustrations by Bob Starrett. Flight and Fall looks back at the events of 1917 from the standpoint of Glasgow in 2017.  
USSR Rocket Sweet Tin
Friday, 03 November 2017 17:11

Every revolution needs some smashing plates

Written by Mark Perryman
Mark Perryman went to the 1985 Exhibition of Soviet Design in London, and learned the real meaning of revolution. In 1985, Thatcherism reigned triumphant. The Miners' Strike was coming to a sorry end. With Reagan in the White House the second Cold War dominated what remained of international relations. It…
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