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by JP Seabright

Bodies rise from the bottom of the sea.
It’s a miracle! some cry, a baptismal
blessing, a daring rescue. Sanctuary
found for these bleached bones.
Limbs are caught in arms, hands
outstretched, hauled safe from harm,
back on board, fiercely embraced with
the struggle of love, then placed safe
in the dark hold for the journey ahead.
Ships sail men to their homeland,
and in their thanks they aid the cause,
rowing backwards towards the shore.
Where their rescuers take pains to
seek out their families, to regain
contact with loved ones, children
and parents, and reunite them again.
Tears of relief after months apart.
We thought you were dead! some cry.
Why did you leave us? Hands fly
to erase bruises, mend broken bones,
from the white saviours who brought
them back home. Now, say farewell,
let the pale faces go back to their own
land. Wave those ghosts goodbye,
never to return to this place again.

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JP Seabright

JP Seabright is a queer writer (she/they) living in London, with poetry, short stories and experimental work published online and in print. Their debut poetry pamphlet, an experimental conceptual work, Fragments from Before the Fall: An Anthology in Post-Anthropocene Poetry is published by Beir Bua Press

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