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Who We Are, What We Think and What We Want

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Who We Are

Culture Matters is for everyone interested in the arts, in culture generally and in politics. We are a collective of writers and activists who want to provide webspace and editorial and technical support, in the interests of a 'broad left' cultural struggle for a better society.

What We Think

Culture matters. Enjoying artistic and cultural activities can help develop us and liberate us. They please the senses, stimulate the mind, arouse our emotions, and inspire us.  We have a right to freely access the co-created culture that is our common property. In our class-divided society, our cultural commons is under threat in many ways, and we need to learn how to defend and enhance it, for the common good.

Let's work out how this happens, and join in the cultural struggle for liberation.

Culture matters. The arts and culture are linked to politics in many ways. A capitalist market economy creates enormous potential and possibilities for creation, criticism and communication. But at the same time, the drive for profit and the associated ideological drive to dominate ways of thinking and feeling, constrain the free creation and consumption of the cultural commons that is so necessary for human development.

Let's work out how this happens, and change it.

Culture matters. The arts and culture can resist, oppose and overcome constraint, alienation and oppression. They can promote awareness, arouse indignation, and envision alternatives. Blake's 'mental fight' against the appalling social and political consequences of early capitalism is the same as our cultural struggle now, linked to our economic and political struggle against late capitalism.

Let's learn how to resist and oppose enclosure of our cultural commons, and instead expand it. Let's be creative and imaginative, and help build a more democratic, equal, and socialist society, a 'new Jerusalem', in the green and pleasant land not only of England and not only of Britain, but of the world.

What We Want

Submissions are very welcome, from anyone who has something to say about art and culture which contributes to these aims. We are currently unable to pay for material, unfortunately.

We welcome creative material (poems, images, music etc.) and commentary and critical material (reviews, articles, essays, interviews etc.). Please write as clearly, concisely and accessibly as possible, avoiding footnotes. Have a look at what's already up on the site, see how your piece relates to it, and try and shape the material to fit with our broad aims and perhaps also with topical events, anniversaries etc.

Submissions are subject to editing, in consultation with the contributor. Please say if the material has been published elsewhere, provide brief notes about yourself and a pic, and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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