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Comrades in Alms

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Credit: Oxfam
Credit: Oxfam

Comrades in Alms

by Chrissie Roberts

Relentless live-streamed death
Revulsion at the West’s collusion
And we stand
And we march
And we post
And we share
In our powerlessness.

What ordnance do we have
To assuage our nausea
Our impotence
As bystanders
Held hostage by our Governments

Become quick on the draw with our plastic
Swipe away the sorrow
Chip and pin away the pain
ApplePay our way to absolution
In this dark atrocious game

Solidarity expressed with
A wrist flick
A finger touch
A phone flash

But the bombs keep falling

And our tears keep flowing.

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Chrissie Roberts

Chrissie is a community activist with many years’ experience in trade union activism and health campaigning in the voluntary sector. 

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