Steven Taylor

Steven Taylor

Steven Taylor lives in London. His poems have appeared in a range of publications and he was one of the winners of this year's Culture Matters Bread and Roses Competition.

Thursday, 04 July 2024 08:59


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by Steven Taylor

This time tomorrow, next week
or yesterday, at the latest (it’s hard
to tell the difference)

Sir Keir Starmer

will be the new Prime Minister. My parents

if they’d survived this long, would have been
alive to see it, still in low paid jobs, a textile
cutter and a machinist. Shockingly insecure,
unprotected from the pleasures of the market.

The global fluctuations in the price of fuel and
raw materials, the cheaper labour found elsewhere,
in particular, where the previous PM originated.

Because Capital provides for irony.

They would have voted (Labour, not
Conservative) but expected nothing.

The mills have closed and factories finished.

Britain’s future lies in banking, the growth
of tumours. Armaments and poverty. Change

is what’s left over
when you’ve paid your bills
and done your Saturday shopping. Bought

yourselves an icing bun.

Monday, 17 June 2024 13:31


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Jaffa{used to be a byword for a succulent orange

by Steven Taylor

Before you say I’m antisemitic

He wasn’t Jewish

But there was a child in our class
at St. George’s (kindergarten)
who kept stabbing other girls
and boys with leaded pencils

It didn’t seem to bother him
how much pain he caused

The teacher warned him
repeatedly, explaining

how children other than himself
had feelings, nerve endings

Eventually she became so
exasperated with his behaviour
she took away his pencils

told him,
read a book instead of stabbing

So why does Britain
supply arms to Israel?

Good Friday
Friday, 29 March 2024 13:20

Good Friday

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Good Friday

by Steven Taylor

When you’ve climbed up on the roof
of the last remaining house in Gaza
throw away the ladder and dare them
to demolish you, safe in the knowledge

that Keir Starmer will do nothing

not even mention you were standing
in solidarity and defiance with
all those other people buried beneath
the rubble, or knowingly being starved

by the Labour Friends of Israel

I am ashamed of Labour,

their contribution to the genocide
but it’s pretty much as expected
from Starmer and his supporters

Jesus has been suspended

prior to his expulsion. He’s
certainly not a candidate
or Party representative. We
don’t go in for (futile) gestures

Because Labour

under Starmer
is serious about government

Cover by Martin Rowson
Wednesday, 24 January 2024 16:59

Labour, 2024

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Labour, 2024

by Steven Taylor

We’re already killing Houthis

With lawful explanations
They needed showing
That we mean business

Labour is agreeable. Complicit

The shipping lanes are sacrosanct
Like pilgrim routes for Christians

Previously, we killed Syrians
Libyans, Iraqis, former
Yugoslavians, Afghans

Not the hounds, just the people


The list is partial
And does not include

Asylum seekers

Those who drown off Dover
The cockle pickers in Morecambe

Tribes and revellers
A wedding party waving
From a rooftop

Civilians, accidentally

Palestinians under rubble
Being starved of food and water
Medicines. Warmth and shelter

We supplied the weapons
Lethal, indiscriminate

No excuses

Labour’s ready for government


The Fruits of Starmer's Labour: The Bread and Roses Anthology 2023,  is available here

Mandatory Compliance
Wednesday, 15 November 2023 09:20

Mandatory Compliance

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Mandatory Compliance

by Steven Taylor

Everyone on television

Even weathermen and women
Football commentators
Comedians, and more serious folk

Naturalists and gardeners

The panels on the dancing shows
The people in the adverts
The winners of the Lottery

All the politicians, presenters

Wears a Poppy in Remembrance
Observes the minute silence. Shush

Gaza is too noisy, disrespectful

Wednesday, 25 October 2023 16:04


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by Steven Taylor

Mainly cloudy
A chance of rain
Dusty. Grubby
Rubble mostly
Death expected


Could send umbrellas
But they prefer
Providing weapons
To the killers

(with instructions
to be careful, obviously)

The sound of weeping
Wailing is distressing
For our viewers

Tuesday, 19 April 2022 13:17


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by Steven Taylor 

One of the most egregious charges
Is that we're sending you
To save money. It's ridiculous.

It's going to cost a fortune.

We're sending you to Rwanda

Because we despise you. Not
Just your poverty and background
But your awful desperation.

It's ugly. Unseemly.
Drowning yourselves
Solves nothing. Go to Russia

They might have you